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How can Reiki support your pre and postnatal care?

Pregnancy is a special time. You may be pregnant yourself or know someone in this season of their life. There are huge transitions happening during pregnancy. The mother may be experiencing morning sickness, distaste for certain foods, exhaustion, and mood swings. Just when they are feeling like they are settling into their pregnancy, their body changes weekly. This can all be stressful and a little unsettling. Prenatal Reiki is a great way to deal with all of these stressors and can allow the mother to relax into all of the physical, mental, and emotional changes that come with pregnancy.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing system. It is used for relaxation, stress reduction, anxiety, and one's general well-being. It is based on the concept that energy flows through everyone and that this energy is what gives us life. If our energy is low, we are at a higher risk of becoming sick and stressed, on the other hand, if our energy is high, we have a greater opportunity to be happy and stay healthy. During pregnancy this energy can become stuck due to all of the physical, mental and emotional changes that are involved in creating a baby. Reiki is an energy that works on all these levels to remove the energy blocks and restore balance.

Yes it's safe.

Reiki is safe during pregnancy. It is a divine energy that will only supply the person the amount of energy needed at that time. Reiki is guided by gentle life force energy. The body intuitively understands its own energy needs and will take in what is needed and where it is needed most. Reiki works effectively with conventional healthcare. It is a holistic remedy that supports bringing emotional balance and deep relaxation - a sense of peace and lightness.

The research is in.

As noted on the International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP) website “Reiki is already widely used in hospitals as a vital care component, Reiki is increasingly accepted for its extraordinary benefits during pregnancy. Recent research from USA Connecticut’s Hartford Hospital determined that pregnant women who use Reiki on a regular basis experience a 94 percent reduction in stress and anxiety; a 78 percent reduction in pain; and an 80 percent reduction in morning sickness. Pregnant Reiki recipients also enjoy an 86 percent improvement in quality of sleep.”


Reiki healing sessions can help reduce morning sickness and nausea, as well as alleviating back pain. While the effects may vary, most pregnant women who receive Reiki report feeling more relaxed, balanced, and feeling more like themselves after a treatment. Reiki can also help mothers feel more able to let go of any fears, anxieties, or negative feelings they may be experiencing.This all allows for a better sleep. A session allows the mother to get in touch with her body and cope with the ever changing symptoms of pregnancy. By allowing deep relaxation the mother is better able to connect to this magical time of creating a baby.

Postpartum Reiki

Now that the mother has had the baby - there are still many demands put upon her. These demands may include the care of the baby and figuring out a new routine, all while functioning on little sleep. There are also many changes to the mother’s body that happen after giving birth. This may leave her feeling overwhelmed and a bit anxious. These are all normal feelings and adjustments. The sense of balance that is received during a treatment will help her to adjust to this new world of caring for a baby. She will be better able to deal with new situations and responsibilities in the role of being a mother.

My hope is that you now have a better understanding of the benefits of Reiki and pregnancy. If this interests you, you can book a session with me or pass this information on to those that may need it.

Kathy Nicolacopoulos

Reiki Practitioner

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