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Love My Mind

Making Our Community a Better Place for Us All!

In 2019 Love My Mind was created in Mark’s memory to become the voice that he could never use to help those who struggle daily with their own mental health battles. We began to speak as invited guests at various events within our community to tell our story and convey our initiative’s message.

Vulnerable conversations are now taking place within the community and new partnerships have been formed with local organizations, businesses, high schools, minor sports teams/athletes and the general public in our community. We will continue to have these important conversations without judgement so we may better understand the unknown behind this devastating disease and stigma!

Fast forward to 2022 Love My Mind has raised funds through private donations, corporate partners, event donations and the sale of our own apparel line. To date over $100,000 has been raised, including apparel donations - which is just over $20,000 on its own! This money raised has been put back into our community to offer professional support and spread awareness for mental health.

We also help fund smaller projects related to suicide prevention, addiction and other related illnesses that affect the lives of our loved ones. As an organization, we have donated over $10,000 in hoodies, t-shirts and toques to those left homeless and financially stricken in our community.

Love My Mind has grown into a strong mental health brand and a connector in our community and beyond. We are able to accomplish all of this by the amazing people of our initiative. Presently we have eight members on our board, several brand ambassadors, athletes, 40+ corporate partners and over 30 professional partners.

Thank you to each and every person who has contributed to this initiative. Your kindness and generosity are making a difference in the lives of our loved ones! For more information, education, resources or to purchase our inspirational apparel, please visit us online at lovemymind.ca


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