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Kassandra Lestrat (she/her) RD


As a registered dietitian, I know that nutrition plays a role in our overall wellness. I also know that our relationship with food plays as important a role as the nutrients we eat! I’ve spent a lot of time

researching and learning about how humans eat and the role it plays in our health. It’s your body and you know it best, but I’m here to help you navigate the complex waters that are food and nutrition. I love working with people to break out of chronic dieting cycles, those with binge eating and other disordered eating patterns. I am profoundly anti-diet and weight inclusive. I think the behaviours we adopt matter more than the weight on the scale. I can help you manage chronic diseases (like diabetes, high cholesterol, IBS, and more) in a way that doesn’t trigger disordered eating patterns. I promise to meet you where you are and work with you to make the changes you wish to see.

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