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Logan Harland MA in Counselling Psychology - CCPA


Saskatoon became my home in 2014 when I was traded to the Saskatoon Blades hockey team. Being exposed to the stressors of elite sports from a young age further inspired me to pursue a career in mental health where I could help individuals deal with similar struggles. With time, I found a passion for supporting more than just athletes, but individuals dealing with various issues including addiction, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and eating disorders. I value helping dismantle the gender stereotypes still prevalent within the field of psychology today.

A key component to any therapeutic relationship is trust, communication, and equality. I give precedence to my clients as the experts of their own lives. Together, we can delve into different options or pathways which may prove most suitable for any difficulties you may find yourself battling with. I believe in the promotion of a healthy balance of optimistic thoughts, beliefs, and subsequent actions. I bring a holistic and non-judgmental approach to sessions, where clients can feel comfortable and safe communicating their problems and exploring potential solutions. I have experience using Motivational Interviewing and have grown to appreciate Person-Centered, Solution-Focused, and Acceptance modalities, and look forward to leaning more into an eclectic approach as I work through the final stages of my post-secondary education.

I will work with individuals 13+

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